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Politics and International Relations (PIR)


Welcome to Politics and International Relations at Edinburgh! We’re one of the largest and most competitive subject areas in the University, home to over 600 top undergraduates and 100 international postgraduate students every year. Our alumni include government ministers, members of parliament, policy analysts, broadcasters, business leaders, teachers, and an increasing number of social entrepreneurs. If you’re thinking about studying with us click here to find out more.

Our academic staff produce world class research across several areas. That research informs our teaching but also the wider academic discipline. In the last UK-wide assessment of research we were... Read rest of text

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Professor Luke March's Inaugural Video Now Available!

Professor Luke March gave his inaugural lecture on 3rd April at King Khalid Lecture Theatre.

PIR Tutor Award- Winner

Rebecca Smyth has been awarded the 2018/2019 best tutor prize in Politics and IR, with Judith Sijstermans and Deanna Solonika as joint runner ups.

Women’s Power in Politics

PIR's Dr Meryl Kenny was invited to speak to the European Parliament’s Gender Equality Committee ahead of International Women’s Day on the topic of ‘Women’s

Upcoming Events

May 01 Speaker: Professor Hartmut Rosa # Jena University Dynamic Stabilization, Alienation and the Resonance Conception: Towards a New Theory of Modernity 14:00 (1 hour and 30 minutes) Room 1.20, Dugald Stewart Building, University of Edinburgh

May 03 Hosted by: Dr Nida Alhamad # University of Edinburgh Iraqi Politics at the intersection of Tribe, Sect and Class 15:30 (3 hours) 6th Floor Staff Room, Chrystal Macmillan Building

The Contemporary Middle East

May 20 Speaker: Professor Louise Du Toit # Stellenbosch University Feminism and the Ethics of Reconciliation 15:00 (2 hours) Practice Suite, room 1.12, Chrystal Macmillan Building, 15a George Square