Elections, Public Opinion and Parties (EPOP) specialist group of the UK Political Studies Association (PSA)

Annual conference 2014

12-14 September


NOTE: Accommodation in Edinburgh is expensive in September so we have identified a range of options to try to keep costs as low as possible.  Full packages include accommodation Friday and Saturday nights and all meals from Friday lunch until Sunday lunch.

  • PhD student accommodation is in the Kenneth Mackenzie Suite (7 Richmond Place) across Nicholson St from the campus. 
  • The Premier Inn (80 Lauriston Place) is 500 metres from the Chrystal Macmillan Building (CMB), where the conference will take place. Accommodation at the Premier Inn is now full and may no longer be booked
  • The IBIS Hotel (Edinburgh Centre Ibis, 77 South Bridge) is halfway between Waverley train station and the campus, approximately 800 metres from CMB.

Registration is open until 31 August.  To register you must complete two steps.

      First, complete the registration form HERE and submit it to

     Second, pay for your registration through the University of Edinburgh’s epay system ( On the general epay system select Conferences and Events, then College of Humanities and Social Sciences, and then School of Social and Political Science. EPOP should be listed as one of the events. Alternatively, the specific link for the event is HERE.  


Full package, with accommodation,

     PhD student £340

     EPOP member Premier Inn £380

     EPOP member IBIS Hotel £430

     non-EPOP member IBIS Hotel £460

All 3 days, no accommodation

     PhD student £210

     EPOP member £250

     non-EPOP member £280

Day rates (no accommodation)

Friday, (includes Friday lunch and dinner)

     PhD student/EPOP member £100

     Non-EPOP member £120

Saturday, (includes Saturday lunch and dinner)

     PhD student/EPOP member $140

     Non-EPOP member £160

Sunday, (includes Sunday lunch)

     PhD student/EPOP member £70

     Non-EPOP member £80



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