The University of Edinburgh - EU Consent

Workshop 30-31 July 2008


The University of Edinburgh was pleased to host the workshop The European Commission: What 'Views From the Inside' Might Tell Us in the Chyrstal Macmillan Building on 30-31 July 2008.

The event invited critical reflection on the European Commission with papers presented on topics ranging from decentralisation to the Commission's appraisal system.  Part of the programme was also dedicated to final preparatory work on the Commission of the 21st Century survey.

A copy of the programme is available from the links in the left-hand tabs and papers are also posted there.




Fifteen participants discussed four papers over the course of the two-day workshop.




A discussion about the Commission survey was led by Primary Investigator Prof. Hussein Kassim and Leader of the EU Consent Research Team Prof. John Peterson.




The workshop participants from the back left:  Hussein Kassim, Andrew Thompson, John Peterson, Cesare Onestini, Michael Bauer, Miriam Hartlapp, Stefaan De Rynk, Renaud Dehousse, Francesca Gains, Charlotte Burns, Caroline Grøn, Louise Maythorne.



For further information about the workshop please contact Louise Maythorne: