Politics and International Relations (PIR)
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International Relations Research Group

We are a research group within Politics and International Relations, but we like to think interdisciplinarily. We welcome research students and staff from across the School of Social & Political Science, and from beyond, as members, and invite them to attend, participate and present at our meetings. Below is a listing of our upcoming events.

Upcoming Events

Date / Time Details Where
23rd Apr 2018 13:00 (1 hour) Seminar: Reconceiving Reproductive Rights: A Feminist Approach to International Human Rights Law.
Speaker: Rebecca Smyth # University of Edinburgh
Room 2.15, CMB
30th Apr 2018 13:00 (1 hour) Seminar: Rhythms and Mobilization in International Relations
Speaker: Ty Solomon # University of Glasgow
Room 2.15, CMB
7th May 2018 13:00 (1 hour) Seminar: Geopolitics and Real-Politik in the Determination of Borders in the Middle East and in Israel – Palestine post ISIS
Speaker: Professor David Newman (OBE) # Ben-Gurion University
Meeting Room 1, 1.01, CMB
9th May 2018 15:00 (1 hour) Seminar: 'Kin States in Sub-State Diplomacy Conflict Dynamics'
Speaker: Cristian Cantir # Oakland University
Meeting room 1, 1.01, CMB