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Politics and International Relations (PIR): Events


Law and War in the 21st Century

Event Name Law and War in the 21st Century
Start Date 6th Sep 2017 9:00am
End Date 6th Sep 2017 5:00pm
Duration 8 hours

One day BISA I-Law workshop coming to Edinburgh, still time to book tickets here!


9.00-9.15h: Welcome and introductions – Andrea Birdsall, University of Edinburgh

9.15-10.45h Panel 1: Law and legitimacy of weapons systems

Chair: Andrea Birdsall, University of Edinburgh

Adam Bower, University of St Andrews: “Leviathan constrained: The United States and the antipersonnel mine ban”

George Moody, University of Sussex: “Negotiating Legitimacy in the Divided West: Developing policy on armed drones in the UK and the EU”

Joanna Wilson, University of Glasgow: “(L).A.W.S., Laws and “Just War”: Killer Robots and the Future of IHL”

10.45-11.00h: Tea & Coffee

11.00-12.30h Panel 2: On the uses of International Humanitarian and Human Rights Law

Chair: Irfan Khan, Middlesex University

Amelie Theussen and Vincent Charles Keating, Center for War Studies, University of South Denmark: “What’s Law Got To Do With It: The interaction of legal frameworks in contemporary counterterrorism and counterinsurgency operations”

Page Wilson, University of Iceland: “The Myth of International Humanitarian Law”

Henry Lovat, University of Glasgow: “Negotiating IHL: Learning from the production of the international civil war regime 1949-1998”

David Bicknell, War Studies, King’s College London: “Fighting a war in the 21st Century according to whose rules?”

12.30-13.00h: Lunch break

13.00-13.45h: Keynote address

Professor James Gow, Professor of International Peace and Security, King’s College London: “International Peace and Security? Law, War and Politics 25 years after the Revolution”

13.45-15.15h: Panel 3: Actors in armed conflict

Chair: Rachel Kerr, King’s College London

Cyril Magnon-Pujo, University Paris: “Legislate to Legitimate? The Regulation of Private Military and Security Companies between Constraints, Social Dispositions and Instrumentalisation”

Nicola Perugini, University of Edinburgh: “Human Shields and Evisceration of the Civilian”

Vivek Bhatt, University of Edinburgh: “’Fighter not Killer’: the Role of Humanitarian Organisations in Improving Compliance with IHL”

Megan Bastick, University of Edinburgh: “Tasking militaries to prevent and respond to sexual violence in conflict: contested law in difficult places”

15.15-15.30h: Tea & Coffee

15.30-17.00h: Panel 4: Legislating military operations

Chair: James Gow, King’s College London

Emilio Rodriguez: “The triumph of law? Legalisation and armed conflicts since the end of the Cold War”

Renske Vos, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam: “Zero Hour: The many beginnings of the EU-Libya response”

Sigmund Simonsen, Royal Norwegian Air Force Academy: “Bridging the Gap: The relationship between self-defence, humanitarian intervention and R2P”

Rachel Kerr, King’s College London: “The Fallout from Iraq: Politics, Law(yers) and War (Crimes)”

17.00-17.30h - Closing

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