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Darwin Workshop

Darwin Workshop: Evolutionary Approaches to Intergroup Aggression, Security and Terrorism
Host: Dominic Johnson # University of Edinburgh; Host: Tom Dickens # University of East London; Speaker: Various # See below for full list
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Date and Time
5th Apr 2009 10:00 - 5th Apr 2009 18:00
Edinburgh Castle

Dominic Johnson of the University of Edinburgh and Tom Dickins of UEL hosted a Darwin workshop at Edinburgh Castle on Sunday, 5 April 2009, on insights from evolutionary theory for “Intergroup Aggression, Security and Terrorism”. Presentations ranged in approaches and applications from laboratory experiments to international relations theory. Speakers included John Archer, Oliver Curry, Michael Price, Max Taylor, and Bradley Thayer, along with participants from the policy world (including the RAF, UN, DFID, and US Office of Naval Research).

The workshop is the 2nd of 6 in an ESRC funded seminar series called “Darwin’s Medicine: Evolutionary Psychology and its Applications”, organized by Mark van Vugt (University of Amsterdam) and Robin Dunbar (University of Oxford).

Charles Darwin spent two formative years at Edinburgh University Medical School from 1825-1827, so it is highly appropriate that the University is celebrating Darwin’s 200th birthday and the 150th anniversary of the publication of “On the Origin of Species” with a variety of seminars, exhibitions, and tours throughout 2009.

Given the times in which Darwin arrived in Edinburgh, it is likely his creative ideas were fueled by the Scottish Enlightenment. Head of Collections at Edinburgh University describes the setting: “We have one of the greatest intellectual fireworks displays that ever happened in Europe. And then one of the greatest minds which the UK ever produces happens to settle on it. You would expect something very important to happen” (How Edinburgh inspired Darwin’s Origin of Species, The Times, February 2009). 


Dominic JOHNSON (University of Edinburgh) Biology and War

Bradley THAYER (Missouri State University) Evolution and International Relations Theory

Michael PRICE (Brunel University) Selection on Individuals and Groups

John ARCHER (University of Central Lancashire) Aggression and Sexual Selection

John PETERSON (University of Edinburgh) Welcome from Edinburgh Politics and International Relations

Max TAYLOR (University of St. Andrews) Psychology and Terrorism

Oliver CURRY (University of Oxford) Evolution of Coalitions

"Open Mic" Views from the Practitioners


Archer, John (Univ Central Lancashire)

Baillie, Donna (Univ Oxford)

Birdsall, Gareth (RBS)

Boycott-Brown, Martin (Univ Nottingham Trent)

Buunk, Bram (Univ Groningen)

Cousins, Robin (ex Army)

Curry, Oliver (Univ Oxford)

Dickins, Tom (Univ East London)

Eriksson, Kimmo (Univ Stockholm)

Glynn, Audrey (US Office of Naval Research)

Jenny, Joëlle (DFID)

Johnson, Dominic (Univ Edinburgh)

Kydd, David (Univ Oxford)

Lamonte, Jon (RAF)

Lawrence, Andrew (Univ Edinburgh)

Macdonald, David (Univ Oxford)

Morris, Nicholas (UN retired)

O'Gorman, Rick (Univ Sheffield Hallam)

Peterson, John (Univ Edinburgh)

Pollet, Thomas (Univ Groningen)

Pound, Nicholas (Univ Brunel)

Price, Michael (Univ Brunel)

Reeve, Zoey (Univ Edinburgh)

Roberts, Sam (Univ Oxford)

Scott-Phillips, Thom (Univ Edinburgh)

Spisak, Brian (Univ Kent, Canterbury)

Taylor, Joshua (St Leonards)

Taylor, Max (Univ St. Andrews)

Thayer, Brad (Univ Missouri State)

Webb, Richard (LSE Research Associate)