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Careers Events for Fourth-Year PIR Honours Students

Careers Events for Fourth-Year PIR Honours Students
Speaker: Greg Black # Civil Service; Speaker: Alison Payne # Reform Scotland; Speaker: Neda Pencheva # Oxfam
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Date and Time
26th Feb 2015 16:30 - 26th Feb 2015 18:00
Staff room, 6th floor CMB

This series of career events is a casual occasion to think about and discuss career plans with professionals in the field over a glass of wine and sandwiches. It is specifically organised for final year MA PIR honours students, who are beginning to consider what kind of career they would like to embark on.


The four events, run in semester 2, are designed to introduce possible career choices and a variety of career paths after graduation. The events aim to make abstract career ideas in politics and international relations more concrete – including a career in politics and government, a career in the third sector/NGOs/think tanks, a career of doing political analysis in the private sector, and postgraduate studies as the next step on the career ladder.


For this purpose, we have invited both junior and senior PIR alumni employed in four fields of ‘politics and international relations’ to talk inter alia about how they got started in their jobs, career development opportunities, and what working in their positions and fields entails.

The format of the events is as follows. After our guest speakers’ brief presentations, students will have the opportunity to talk to the experts about their experiences in more detail, and ask for careers advice over a glass of wine and nibbles. The events run from 4:30-6:00pm.


The event:

A Career in NGOs, Think Tanks and Charities, 26th of February 2015, 4:30pm

To register please follow this link:


Our confirmed guest speakers:

Greg Black, formerly Citizens Advice now civil service

Alison Payne, Reform Scotland

Neda Pencheva, Oxfam

If you have any questions about the careers events, please contact Dr Eve Hepburn, who is organising the events with the assistance of Sissela Matzner.

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