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Teaching & Democracy seminar

Teaching & Democracy seminar: Is democratic innovation in teaching possible & could it improve student learning experience?
Hosted by: Dr Mathias Thaler # University of Edinburgh
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Date and Time
27th Nov 2014 15:00 - 27th Nov 2014 17:00
Chrystal Macmillan Building

In the context of the lecture Democracy and Its Discontents (convened by Dr Mathias Thaler) a student-run Democracy Lab was formed. It is an experiment where students discuss and research whether university courses can be taught in a more democratic way by altering the arena in which teaching takes place and giving students more control over both the organisation and content of their courses. Now we, the members of Democracy Lab, have organized a panel with experts and renowned researchers in the field to discuss this question.

When: November 27, 3-5pm

Where: CMB, Seminar Room 2

The theme of the panel will be:

Teaching & Democracy

 Is democratic innovation in teaching possible and could it improve student learning experience?



  • Prof David Held, Politics and International Relations, Durham University
  • Prof Ailsa Henderson, Politics and International Relations, University of Edinburgh
  • Alex Latham, PhD student in Law, University of Edinburgh
  • Dr Jan Eichhorn, Social Policy, University of Edinburgh
  • A member of the Democracy Lab
  • Dr Mathias Thaler, University of Edinburgh (chair)

We would love to see as many UoE students and staff there as possible so that you can discuss with us and the panelists what you think about the relationship between teaching and democracy.

To give us an overview how many people we can expect, please register on eventbrite, if you are planning to attend the event.