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NR Labs Neuropolitics Research Launch

NR Labs Neuropolitics Research Launch
Hosted by: Prof. Laura Cram # University of Edinburgh
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Date and Time
25th Feb 2016 15:00 - 25th Feb 2016 17:00
Flat 2F2, 18 Buccleuch Place

We are very excited to be launching NRLabs Neuropolitics Research, a new interdisciplinary research facility at the University of Edinburgh.

Please come along, meet the neuropolitics team and find out more about our research. Discover some of the ways in which a
neuropolitical perspective can shed new light on social and political behaviours, decision-making, policy choices and identity politics.

You will also have a chance to explore how a neuropolitical approach might feed into and enhance insights in your own area
of interest.

More info on our lab and our work can be found here

Please let us know if you will attend by signing up here
Laura Cram, Director NRLabs Neuropolitics Research