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What Next for Scotland? Discussing Democracy and the Scotland Bill

What Next for Scotland? Discussing Democracy and the Scotland Bill
Speaker: Prof. Nicola McEwen # University of Edinburgh, ESRC Centre on Constitutional Change
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26th Nov 2015 19:00 - 26th Nov 2015 21:00
Edinburgh City Chambers
Centre on Constitutional Change, Democracy Matters, Ragged University, Crick Centre
Prof Nicola McEwen

The nature and structures of democracy in Scotland have changed beyond recognition over the past twenty years. As the Scotland Bill makes its way towards becoming law and the Scottish and UK Governments tussle over delivering Holyrood's new powers in practice, this event asks: Where next? 

The evening will begin with an overview of the most recent changes - the Scotland Bill itself - before discussing the path ahead and how best to keep people engaged in that process. This event is part of a series taking place around the UK, the conclusions of which will be presented to the Westminster All Party Group on Reform, Devolution and Decentralisation. 

Nicola McEwen of the ESRC Centre on Constitutional Change and Titus Alexander of Democracy Matters will be on hand to answer questions but the focus of this event is on discussion and debate over the way ahead.

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Purpose: Inform and engage discussion of constitutional change, particularly:

·        What’s happening over the Scotland Bill?

·        How does this sit with wider constitutional changes?

·        How can people best make their voices heard?

This event is free to attend but reserving a place in advance is recommended. 

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