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Research student symposium

Research student symposium
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Date and Time
1st Nov 2016 11:00 - 1st Nov 2016 12:00
CMB 6th Floor Staff Room
A unique format, with simultaneous tables discussing several papers and audience members free to circulate from table to table.
Table #1: Justice – discussant : Dr Mathias Thaler
Chiming Zhong: On the 'Concept' of Rights TBC
Sayra van den Berg: Conceptualising the Role of Perpetrators in Post-Conflict Truth Commissions
Table #2: Human Rights – discussant: Dr Andrea Birdsall
Tom Charman: ‘Sexual Violence’ or ‘Torture’? The Framing of Sexual Violence against Men in Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch Advocacy Reports
Gisli Vogler: Reflections on Agency through Complicity in Human Rights Violations
Table #3: Identity – discussant: Dr Jamie Allinson
Victor Gigleux : An Analysis of Small States’ Changing Peacekeeping Practices through Role Theory
Hsinyen Lai : Theoretical Approach to Foreign Policy Ideas (Re)production against Revolution in the Middle East
Table #4: EU and Policy-Making – Dr Charlotte Rommerskirchen
Cleo Davies: Taking into account financial modelling in the debate on “banking culture” and “excessive risk taking” in financial market supervision
Ingmar Versolmann: Decision 994/2012 and Beyond: Assessing the Driving Factors of Integration in the field of External Energy Policy