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The Twittering Machine: How the Social Industry Commodified Our Lives

The Twittering Machine: How the Social Industry Commodified Our Lives
Speaker: Richard Seymour # Writer and Broadcaster
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18th Nov 2019 15:00 - 18th Nov 2019 16:30
David Hume Tower, The University of Edinburgh, LG.09, George Square

Join us for this exciting lecture by Richard Seymour about his latest book, "The Twittering Machine: How the Social Industry Commodified Our Lives":

"We have birthed the world’s most profitable industry. The social industry. It calls itself ‘social media’. But all media are social. Who could object to something called social media? It is like calling cigarettes “friendship sticks”: they can be used in that way, but it’s not what they’re for. The social industry emerged out of a venture-capitalist appropriation of innovations of the cyber-left, from TXTmob to Twitter. Now it colonises our free time, modelling its relationship to us along the lines of addiction: we are “users” much as heroin addicts are users. How can we reclaim our lives from The Twittering Machine?"

Richard Seymour (born 1977) is an Irish Marxist writer and broadcaster, activist and owner of the blog Lenin's Tomb. He is the author of books such as The Meaning of David Cameron (2010), Unhitched (2013), and Against Austerity (2014). He writes regularly for the Guardian, the London Review of BooksJacobin and many other publications.

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This event is organised with the support of PIR's Political Theory Research Group and International Relations Research Group. 

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