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Thomas Hobbes and Peace

Event Name Thomas Hobbes and Peace
Start Date 8th Jun 2017 9:30am
End Date 9th Jun 2017 2:30pm
Duration 1 day and 5 hours

Thomas Hobbes and Peace

An IASH/Susan Manning Workshop organised in cooperation with the European Hobbes Society

The workshop format has been chosen in order to facilitate an intensive discussion among scholars with interests in Hobbes’s conception of peace, its place in the history of political thought, and its reception today. Speakers are encouraged to circulate their papers by 1st June among the registered participants. In this way, papers do not need to be presented at length at the workshop, maximising the time for an in-depth discussion of each contribution.

Attendance is free of charge but pre-registration is required. If you wish to attend please email:

DAY 1: Thursday 8 June

9.30–10.15    Coffee

10.15–10.30  Welcome/introduction

10.30–11.30  Session 1

Deborah Baumgold (Oregon), “An English De Jure Belli ac Pacis?”

Discussant: James Harris (St Andrews)

11.45–12.45  Session 2

Glen Newey (Leiden), “War in Peace: Hobbes, Slavery and the Ius Postliminii

Discussant: Kieran Oberman (Edinburgh)

12.45–13.45  Lunch

13.45–14.45  Session 3    

Signy Gutnick Allen (York), “Hobbes on Mercy and Pardoning”

Discussant: Max Jaede (IASH)

15.00–16.00  Session 4

Gabriella Slomp (St Andrews), “Appraising Friendship, Recommending Sociability”

Discussant: Spiros Tegos (Crete/IASH)

16.00–16.30  Coffee

16.30–17.30  Session 5

Luca Tenneriello (Sapienza Rome), “Religious Conscience and Private Opinions: A Challenge to Peace?”

Discussant: tba

19.30  Dinner at Field Restaurant, 41 West Nicolson Street, EH8 9DB

(Speakers and discussants only)

DAY 2: Friday 9 June

9.00–9.30      Coffee

9.30–10.30    Session 6

Patricia Springborg, “Hobbes on War and Peace and the ‘Security Dilemma’”

Discussant: Signy Gutnick Allen

10.45–11.45  Session 7

Max Jaede, Chapter 1 (Introduction) of a book manuscript titled “Hobbes’s Proto-Liberal Conception of Peace”

Discussants: Joanna Rozpedowski (Durham) and Louis Fletcher (Edinburgh)

12.00–13.30  Session 8

Max Jaede, Chapters 2 (Peace and Civil Society), 3 (Peace, Justice and Law) and 4 (Political Power and Public Safety)

Discussants: Luca Tenneriello, Deborah Baumgold and Glen Newey

13.30–14.30  Lunch and end of the workshop

Thomas Hobbes and Peace Image