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Transatlantic Seminar Series

The Transatlantic Seminar is designed to promote informed discussion of current issues and research on American and European politics, economy, and society and (especially) transatlantic relations.

The Seminar is held weekly, usually Friday between 13:00 - 14:30, and is hosted by Edinburgh Politics & International Relations. We have an extensive archive of video webcasts of past Seminars that you can view here.

All are welcome to attend. The Seminar (usually) meets weekly in Seminar Rooms 1+2, Chrystal Macmillan Building.


                             Our flyer can be downloaded  here.  

Two special seminars scheduled for September 2017 might be noted:

21 Sept 17: G. John Ikenberry (Princeton University) 'The End of the Liberal World Order?' was delivered as the  Montague Burton Lecture in the Playfair Library; was also a featured event at the annual conference of the US Foreign Policy Working Group of the British International Studies Association held at the University 21-22 Sept.  The lecture was recorded for a webcast and  can be viewed here.

28 Sept 17:  Douglas Kriner and Graham Wilson (Boston University)  'The Elasticity of Reality and British Support for the War in Afghanistan' (NB:  BJPIR Best Article Lecture was delivered by authors of the article voted best to appear in the British Journal of Politics and IR in 2016). Their lecture will be posted here as a webcast here soon. 

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Transatlantic Seminar of 10th February 2017, featuring Peter Trubowitz of the London School of Economic on 'Trump's Foreign Policy:  End of the American Era?'.  Click here to watch the video webcast.

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