The members of the GREYZONE team have been invited to present work at various venues in the next few months.

Mihaela Mihai

  • Keynote at the conference Forgiveness, Apology and Reconciliation, Manchester University, 25-26 May 2017. 
  • Keynote at the conference Democracy and Dissent: Theorizing Political Agency from Sites of Difference, Oxford University, 2-3 June 2017. 
  •  Invited talk at the workshop Resistances: Rethinking the Politics of Reconciliation, 20-23 June, Prato Italy, organised by the University of Melbourne. 

Maša Mrovlje

  •  “Camus, aesthetic sensibility and the grey zone of resistance.” Paper accepted for the "Philosophy and Social Science" Colloquium, to be held in Prague, 17–21 May 2017.
  •  “Hannah Arendt and Responsibility for the World,” invited talk at the conference on Hannah Arendt and Love of the World, organised by the Edinburgh International Centre for Spirituality and Peace, to be held in Edinburgh, 20 May 2017.
  • “Philosophies of Existence and the Grey Zone.” Panel accepted for the 2017 APSA Annual Meeting, to be held in San Francisco, 31 August to 3 September 2017.

Hugh McDonnell

  • “‘The Grey Zone’: Complicity and the Politics of Representation in Memory and Culture - The Cases of Vichy France (1940-1944) and Argentina's Dirty War (1976-1983)”. Paper accepted for the conference “Complicity and the Politics of Representation”, to be held at the Ruhr University Bochum, 16-18 June 2017.
  • “Imagination and Authority in the Testimonies of French Veterans of the Algerian War of Decolonization (1954-1962)”. Paper accepted for the international workshop “War Veterans and the World after 1945” at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich, 7-8 July 2017.

Gisli Vogler

  • “Hannah Arendt and Margaret Archer on Judgment in Late Modernity”. Paper accepted for the 2017 Colloquium “Philosophy and Social Science”, to be held in Prague, Czech Republic, 17-21 May 2017.

Mihaela, Maša and Gisli will also present work at the annual meeting of ECPR, University of Oslo, September 2017.