Members of the Greyzone team are presenting findings at various universities this spring.

On the 14th March 2019, Diana Popa will present a paper entitled “Docudrama, Transmedia Aesthetics and Communist Myth-Making in “I Don’t Care if We Go Down in History as Barbarians” at the International Symposium Media Mixing, Lund University.

On the 27th of March, Mihaela Mihai will present a paper entitled "Engaging Vulnerabilities: Outline for a Responsive and Responsible Theory" within the political theory seminar series at the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium.

Mauro Greco is co-organising a panel entitled "Sentido común, memoria y deseos de represión: lo cotidiano bajo dictadura entre América Latina y Europa"  at the internaitonal conference of the Consejo Europeo de Investigaciones Sociales de América Latina (CEISAL), which will take place between 29-31 of July in Bucharest, Romania. He will also present a paper entitled: "La “mayoría silenciosa” en el cine postdictatorial acerca de la última dictadura: responsabilidad colectiva, pequeñas resistencias, hos(ti)pitalidades y deseos de represión."