Greyzone will be well represented at APSA 2019 by Maša Mrovlje, who organised a panel entitled “Grey Zones of Resistance and Contemporary Political Theory”.

The panel addresses the grey zones of resistance – the morally ambiguous choices and situations facing resistance activists that stem from their embeddedness within the very conditions of oppression that they seek to fight. While resistance has arguably become a central notion through which the dilemmas of contemporary political imagination are expressed, little sustained attention has been paid to its constitutive ambiguities. How are we to think resistance beyond the image of heroic agency and commitment prevalent in the revolutionary tradition? A recognition of the murkiness of resistance is often held to contribute to the lingering spectres of disenchantment and disillusion, entrenching scepticism over the possibilities of collective action and emancipatory societal transformation. In contrast, this panel posits that enhancing our understanding of the grey zone within resistance represents an important resource for reinvigorating the politics of opposition and struggle for our uncertain political world shorn of traditional philosophical and moral certitudes.