University of Edinburgh, Paterson’s Land
Holyrood Road, Edinburgh, EH8 8AQ

Wednesday 16th September

12:00 - 13:00 Registration and Lunch

Please come to the side room at Chapters Restaurant in Paterson's Land to register and enjoy lunch together with the other delegates before the start of the panels! More information about the venue can be found in the Local information & Accommodation tab on the menu.


13:00 – 14:30 Panels 1 and 2

Panel 1: Ideas, Incentives, Instruments, and Inter-governmentalism (RC28) ROOM 1.18

Chair: Sean Mueller, University of Bern; Discussant:  Sonja Walti, American University

Thomas D. Lancaster, Emory University: Political Monitoring and its Institutionalization in Federated Systems

Guy Laforest, Département de science politique, Université de Laval: Assessing André Burelle’s idealistic understanding of Canadian federalism a re-examination of the founding

Sabina Haveric, University of Cologne: Economic Voting as a Way of Expressing Discontent in Ethnically Dominated Party Systems

Kees Terlouw, Utrecht University: Territorial changes and changing identities: the relation between spatial identity and the up-scaling of local government in the Netherlands


Panel 2: Challenges of globalisation to ethnic identity (RC 14) ROOM 1.26

Chair: Cera Murtagh, University of Edinburgh

Núria Franco Gullén, Universitat Pompeu Fabra: Immigration and independence: An exploration of the Catalan case

Szabolcs Pogonyi, Central European University: Transborder nation building and diasporic identites

Licia Cianetti, University College London: Minority empowerment and the unintended consequences of international pressures

Emanuele Massetti and Zeynep Sahin Mencutek, Gediz University: Kurdish Nationalism in the Changing Political Regime of the Turkish Republic: The Political Strategy and Ideological Profile of the HDP-DBP’

Timofey Agarin, Queen’s University Belfast: If not all Residents are Citizens and not all Citizens Co-ethnics? Extraterritorial Citizenship in postcommunist Europe and the Impact on State-Society Relations


14:30 – 15:50 Panels 3 and 4

Panel 3: Sub-state nationalist and regionalist parties in comparative perspective (RC 28) ROOM 1.18

Chair: Malcolm Harvey, University of Aberdeen; Discussant: Bettina Petersohn, University of Edinburgh 

Coree Brown Swan, University of Edinburgh, Scotland: Pursuing Territorial Goals from Government and Opposition

Anwen Elias, Aberystwyth University & Ludger Mees, University of the Basque Country: Between territorial accommodation and secession: Explaining the territorial strategies of Convergència i Unió and the Partido Nacionalista Vasco

Richard Gillespie, University of Liverpool: Exploring the Role of Currents within Mainstream Nationalist Parties: CiU and the PNV Compared

Panel 4: Jean Laponce and the Territorial Politics of Language (RC 50) ROOM 1.26

Chair: Catrin Edwards, Aberystwyth University; Discussant: Till Burkhardt, University of Geneva

John Coakley, University College, Dublin: Language, Territory and Nationalism: The Irish Case

Jean-Rémi Carbonneau, University of Quebec at Montreal: Language Dynamics and Territory: The Case of Lusatia

Gwawr McGirr, Ulster University: Minority Language Policies in Wales and the Republic of Ireland: Empowerment or Co-Optation?

William Safran, University of Colorado at Boulder: Challenges and policy choices in a multilingual universe: The contributions of Jean Laponce


15:50 – 16:05 Coffee/tea break

16:05 – 17:25 Panels 5 and 6

Panel 5: State Traditions and Language Regimes: Case Studies (RC 50) ROOM 1.26

Chair: Selma Sonntag, Humboldt State University; Discussant: László Maracz, University of Amsterdam

Selma Sonntag, Humboldt State University (USA): State Tradition and Language Regime in the United States: Time for Change?

Roman Szul, University of Warsaw: Poland’s Language Regime Governing Kashubian and Silesian

Catherine Baker, University of Hull: The Language Politics of Peacebuilding

Nuria Garcia, Sciences Po, Paris: State Tradition, Language, and Education Policies in France


Panel 6: Women and post-referendum Scotland: Business as usual or new opportunities? (RC 14) ROOM 1.18

Chair: Allison McCulloch, Brandon University

Craig McAngus & Kirstein Rummery, University of Stirling: Feminist activism after the Scottish independence referendum

Meryl Kenny, University of Edinburgh: Women Making Constitutions: Scotland in Comparative Perspective

Angela O'Hagan, Glasgow Caledonian University: Taxing times for gender equality in Scotland


17.30 – 18:15 – Keynote Address by Professor Michael Keating, University of Aberdeen at Thomson's Land in the Godfrey Thomson Hall

The keynote address takes place in Godfrey Thomson Hall, Thomson's Land. Please follow local signs. 

18:30 - 20.30 – Roundtable Event and Wine reception at the Scottish Parliament

Challenges and Opportunities of Self-Government in a Multinational State

Speakers: Guy Laforest, Thomas D. Lancaster, Marc Sanjaume-Calvet, Michael Keating

Hosted and chaired by Bruce Crawford, MSP, Convenor and Chair, Devolution (Further Powers) Committee

Please kindly note that this event required separate registration due to limited numbers at the venue.

Only registered participants can attend.


Thursday 17th September


9:00 – 10:30 - Panels 7 and 8

Panel 7: Territorial identity in modern Russia: the problem of politicization (RC 14) ROOM 1.18

Chair: Adrian Guelke, Queen’s University Belfast, Discussant: Timofey Agarin, Queen’s University Belfast 

Britt Cartrite, Alma College & Dan Miodownik, Hebrew University: Determinants of Regional Political Distinctiveness

Sophie Williams, Swansea University: The Politics of National Identity in Wales and the Basque Country

Natalia Piskunova, National Research University, Higher School of Economics Russia: Ethnic Dimension of Stakeholders in Peace Process in Somalia: a stability agenda?


Panel 8: Political Economy of Federalism & Multi-Level Governance (RC 28) ROOM 1.26

Chair: Guy Laforest, University of Laval; Discussant:  Wolfgang Renzsch, Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg

Dirk Brand, Stellenbosch University: Financial reform and multi-level governance - a balancing act

Wilfried Swenden, University of Edinburgh: From ‘Central Planning’ to ‘Team-building’? The NITI Aayog in the evolving political economy of Indian Federalism

David Bell, University of Stirling, David Eiser, University of Stirling & David Phillips, Institute for Fiscal Studies: Designing Scotland’s new fiscal framework: principles, risks and challenges

Sonja Walti, American University: How Have Federal Countries Weathered the Global Financial Crisis?


10:30 - 10:50 Coffee/ tea break

10:50 - 12:10 Panel 9 and 10

Panel 9: Policy Convergence and Divergence in Multi-Level States (RC 28) ROOM 1.26

Chair: Simon Toubeau, University of Nottingham and Johanna Schnabel, University of Lausanne; Discussant: Luis Moreno, CSIC

Davide Vampa, European University Institute: Social Assistance Policies in the Italian Regions

Paula Portas, Cardiff University: The Financial Crisis and Regional Finance Policies in Spain

Ilke Adams, VUB: Immigrant integration policy divergence and convergence in multi-level states


Panel 10: Ethnolinguistic Politics in the Global South (RC 50) ROOM 1.18

Chair: Jean-Rémi Carbonneau, Université du Québec à Montréal; Discussant: Nuria Garcia, Sciences Po Paris

François David, Université Jean Moulin, Lyon 3: Entre solidarisme à la française et wilsonisme anglo-saxon: la Francophonie politique, une interdépendance géopolitique fondée sur éthique et valeurs

Ashley South, Chiangmai University, Thailand and Marie Lall, London University: The Politics of Language and Subnational Governance in Myanmar

Muhammad Mushtaq, University of Gujrat, Pakistan: Regional Identities in Quest of Separate Provinces: A New Challenge for the Pakistani Federation


12:10 – 13:15 Lunch



13:15 – 14:45 Panels 11 and 12

Panel 11: Interethnic and Minority Politics Between Territorial and Personal Arrangements in a Multilingual Europe (RC 50) ROOM 1.18

Chair: László Maracz, University of Amsterdam; Discussant: Selma K. Sonntag, Humboldt State University

Zsombor Csata, Babe-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania: Territoriality, Languages and Economic Well-being in Transylvania

Edgár Dobos, Institute for Minority Studies, Hungarian Academy of Sciences: Multilingualism and the Equality/Uniformity Friction in an asymmetrically decentralized Unitary State: Minority Language Use in Vojvodina

László Maracz, University of Amsterdam: Territoriality, Inclusion in a Multilingual Europe

Helder de Schutter, Katholieke University of Leuven, Belgium: Non-territorial Language Rights and Non-territorial Self-Determination: a Defense of the Personality Principle

Timothy William Waters, Indiana University (USA): Requiring Harm: The Inadequacy of Remedial Secession for Ethno-Linguistic Minorities


Panel 12: Rethinking Territoriality in Europe and Beyond (RC 28) ROOM 1.26

Chair: Sonja Walti, American University; Discussant:  Andre Lecours, University of Ottawa, Canada and Arjan Schakal, University of Maastricht

Aleksandra Zdeb, Jagiellonian University (Krakow Poland): The Need to Have Something ‘for their own:’ Croatian Parallel Institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Anastasiia Kudlenko, Canterbury Christ Church, UK: Extending Territoriality Beyond Borders: the EU Security Community and the Western Balkans

Soeren Keil, Canterbury Christ Church University, UK: Imposed Federalism and International Intervention

Melissa Goossens, University of Passau, Germany: Separatist Movements in Europe Mirrored by Globalization and Denationalization Processes

Simon Mark Bransden, Canterbury Christ Church University, UK: Re-thinking borders: the UK’s re-articulation of concepts of territorial integrity in the Post-Lisbon EU


14:45 – 16:10 Panels 13 and 14

Panel 13: Ethnic territory versus national institutions (RC 14) ROOM 1.18

Chair: Michael Keating, University of Aberdeen/Centre on Constitutional Change

Ilana Kaufman, The Open University of Israel: Where is the Border?

Siofra Frost, Queen’s University Belfast: Independence through interdependence: Challenges of social cohesion in ethnically divided post-conflict societies

Luis Moreno, Spanish National Research Council (CSIC): Catalonia’s in(ter)dependence and Europeanization

Cera Murtagh, University of Edinburgh: ‘Hungry in Three Languages’: The Limitations on Cross-Ethnic Social Mobilization in Ethnically Divided Societies


Panel 14: Managing horizontal interdependence in federal states - the role of sub-state ministers' conferences (RC 28) ROOM 1.26

Chairs: Nicola McEwen, University of Edinburgh/ Centre on Constitutional Change; Discussant: Sean Mueller, University of Bern

Yvonne Hegele & Nathalie Behnke, Universität Konstanz, Germany: Brokers, moderators or protectors against federal encroachment? The role of Landesministerkonferenzen in Germany

Johanna Schnabel, Université de Lausanne, Switzerland: The Intergovernmental Safeguard’s Capacity to prevent Opportunism: Evidence from Nine Federations

Julie Simmons, University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada: Inter-governmental ministerial meetings in Canada: symptom of or cure for dysfunctional federalism?

Carlotta Redi, University of Edinburgh: Macroregions and functional asymmetry: the reform of Italian regionalism under scrutiny

16:10 – 16:30 Coffee/tea break

16:30 – 18:00 Panel 15

Panel 14: Territorial Dynamics and Multilevel Party Politics (RC 28) ROOM 1.18

Chair: Wilfried Swenden, University of Edinburgh; Discussant: Thomas D. Lancaster, Emory University; Sabina Haveric, University of Cologne

Alan Convery, University of Edinburgh: The UK Conservatives and Federalism: an idea whose time has come?

Malcolm Harvey, University of Aberdeen: Is there a federal solution to the UK's constitutional conundrum?

Sean Mueller, University of Berne & Julian Bernauer, University of Berne: United in Success through Diversity of Messages? Vertical party strategies in the Swiss federation

Bettina Petersohn, University of Edinburgh, Nathalie Behnke & Eva Rhode, Universität Konstanz: Negotiating Territorial Change in Multinational States

Bart Maddens, Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium: Belgium at the crossroads: Between federalism and confederalism


18.00 Round table - Independence and Interdependence: constitutional options for Scotland, Quebec, Flanders and Catalonia at Thomson's Land in the Godfrey Thomson Hall

Speakers: Nicola McEwen; Andre Lecours; Dave Sinardet; and Luis Moreno
Chair: Wilfried Swenden

Roundtable followed by wine reception, sponsored by Regional and Federal Studies


20.00 – Conference Dinner, Macdonald Holyrood Hotel


Friday 18th September

9:00 – 10:20 - Panels 16 and 17

Panel 16: Lessons in Management of Conflicts & Rights (RC 28) ROOM 1.18

Chair: Muhammad Mushtaq, University of Gujrat, Pakistan; Discussant:  Régis Dandoy, University of Louvain 

Semra Sevi, University of Toronto: Lessons from Quebec and why federalism will not work in Turkey

Galina Gribanova, St. Peterburg State University: Federalism for Post-Soviet States - Why Not?

Benyamin Neuberger, The Open University of Israel: Territorial solutions to ethnic conflicts within states


Panel 17: Territorialisation of ethnicity as conflict management (RC 14) ROOM 1.26

Chair: Timofey Agarin, Queen’s University Belfast 

Elsa Tulin Sen, King’s College London: The Modern Dilemma of Being a Nation without a State

Marc Sanjaume-Calvet, Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM): South Tyrol: Third Statute and the (re)territorialization of identity

Adrian Guelke, Queen’s University of Belfast: Reconfiguring the UK and Northern Ireland's peace


10:20 - 10:40 Coffee/tea break

10:40 - 12:00 Panels 18 and 19

Panel 18: Toward Constitutional Reforms & Related Re-Engineering (RC 28) ROOM 1.18

Chair: Thomas D. Lancaster, Emory University; Discussant: Soeren Keil, Canterbury Christ Church University

Faisal Kamal, University of Toronto: Constitutional (re)engineering and divided Staatsvolks

Arturo De Nieves Gutierrez de Rubalcava, Universidade da Coruña: The Future Galicia's Constitutional Status

Benoit Delerue, Universite Jean Moulin Lyon 3: Residual State Sovereignty: the Texas Case

Tanvir Aeijaz, Ramjas College, University of Delhi: Delhi and its Territoriality


Panel 19: Political Parties & Elections in Federalism & Multi-Level Governance (RC28) ROOM 1.26

Chair: Soeren Keil, Canterbury Christ Church University; Discussant: Wilfried Swenden, University of Edinburgh

Régis Dandoy, University of Louvain: Party positions on territorial reforms in Belgium

Sandrina Antunes, Universidade do Minho (Portugal): Unravelling the central state, but how? From multi-level governance to multilevel metagovernance

Laura Cabeza, University of Cologne (presenting), Sonia Alonso, Georgetown University, and Braulio Gómez, University of Deusto: Manipulating electoral externalities in multi-level states: The case of Spain

Arjan Schakel, Maastricht University: Congruence between European, National and Regional Elections in the European Multilevel Electoral System


12:00 – 13:15 Panel 20 and 21

Panel 20: Discourses of nation-building (RC 14) ROOM 1.26

Chair: Ilana Kaufman, The Open University of Israel

Olaf Aagedal, KIFO Institute for Church, Religion and Worldview Research: Symbols of Independence and Interdependence

Adriano Cirulli, Uninettuno University, Rome (Italy): Independence: how and when? Reframing discourses and strategies in current Basque nationalism

Hugh O'Donnell, Glasgow Caledonian University: Metaphorically Speaking: The Scottish Referendum in the Spanish and Catalan Media

Igor Okunev, Moscow State Institute of International Relations: External and Internal “Others” in Creating Identity Narratives in Russia


Panel 21: Language Politics, Identity and Territory (RC 50) ROOM 1.18

Chair: Nuria Garcia, Sciences Po Paris; Discussant: Jean-Rémi Carbonneau, Université du Québec à Montréal

Catrin Edwards, University of Aberystwyth: Province-building or Nation-building? An Analysis of Francophone Immigration Policies and Discourse in New Brunswick

Till Burckhardt, University of Geneva: Co-drafting territoriality

Daniel Cetra, University of Edinburgh: Language Rights and Territory: The Case of the Flemish Periphery of Brussels


13:15 – 14:15 Lunch and Close


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