Politics and International Relations (PIR)
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BJPIR Breakthrough Symposia

The 2018 Symposium reflects on Ikenberry's After Victory

Breakthrough articles feature top or up-and-coming scholars revisiting and reflecting on seminal works after they have made their mark and generated new debates. Breakthrough articles become the anchor for symposia, as we ask scholars who have been part of those debates to reflect (briefly) on the breakthrough work and how it has changed our understanding of our subject.

This year's symposium features our own John Peterson, Alan Convery, and Julie Kaarbo; along with Orfeo Fioretos, Michael Mastanduno, Kathleen R. McNamara, John M. Owen, Randall L. Schweller, and Jack Snyder commenting on After Victory; as well as a new reflection by its author, John Ikenberry.

The entire symposium is available here and, for a limited time, all open access.