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UK Foreign Policy after Brexit: Losing Europe and Finding a Role

Written evidence to a parliamentary committee - co-authored by Professor Julie Kaarbo.

Check out the latest piece of work from PIR's Professor Julie Kaarbo;  UK Foreign Policy after Brexit: Losing Europe and Finding a Role.


  • While it is clear that Brexit will result in fundamental changes in UK foreign policy, the direction of travel that this will necessitate is not yet apparent.
  • The nature of post-Brexit foreign policy will be influenced not only by the roles the UK wants to play, but equally by what roles other states let the UK play.
  • The UK is currently seeking and ‘auditioning’ for a variety of roles: global trading state, great power, faithful ally to the US, regional partner to the EU and leader of the Commonwealth.
  • Although these vary in many ways, including the responses necessitated from other states, they share a common desire by the UK to avoid being cast into the role of isolate.
  • The main substantive point of this paper is that, given the generally negative responses of other states both to Brexit and the UK’s subsequent proposals for future roles, the UK may well be socialised by other international actors into a role that involves some degree of isolation

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