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PIR Tutor Award

Nominations are now open for best PIR tutor.

Nominations open for best postgraduate tutor

If you have or had an excellent PG tutor this year, now's the time to nominate them for an award.

Call for nominations for the Outstanding PIR Tutor Award 2018-19

The Outstanding PIR Tutor Award recognizes leadership, commitment, and overall excellence of our current doctoral students for their tutoring in PIR undergraduate courses.

Any current undergraduate Politics or International Relations student may nominate their postgraduate tutor for any PIR course.  Nominations may come from a single student or a group of students.  Students may make multiple nominations across courses, but may only propose one name (the name of their postgraduate tutor) per course.

Deadline and Nomination Procedure:

Complete nominations must be submitted to by 25 March 2019.

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact the Director of Undergraduate Teaching at

Nomination form (you can copy and paste the following into Word or RTF and submit by email).

Student Nominator(s’) Name(s)                                                                                                                                                        

Degree:  Politics (including Joint degrees) ☐       

International Relations  (including Joint degrees) ☐      

Year of Study:___________________

Student’s E-mail _______________________________________________________

(if more than one nominator, tell us how many are nominating and choose one to serve as the contact person for and representative of the group)

Nominee’s Name: _______________________________________________________

Course for which Tutor is Nominated


Course Name: _______________________________________________________

Term and Year of Course:    _______________________________________________________

In the space provided below (on one page maximum), please explain why you feel this nominee deserves to be awarded an Outstanding PIR Tutor Award. Please use specific examples to discuss the impact your nominee has had on your learning and student experience.

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