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Federalism & Regionalism: new Japanese translation

Wilfried Swenden's Federalism and Regionalism in Western Europe (Palgrave: Macmillan) translated into Japanese.

In 2006, Wilfried Swenden, Senior Lecturer in Politics published the first edition of Federalism and Regionalism in Western Europe: a thematic and comparative analysis with Palgrave-Macmillan.

Early in 2009 he was approached by a politics and law professor from Kanagawa University, Japan, requesting permission to translate his work into Japanese. Wilfried agreed and also added a new short introduction, linking his study to ongoing decentralization reforms in Japan. The Japanese translation is now out [see above picture], though apart from his name, the bibliography and page numbers, the author cannot understand anything, but is confident the Japanese translator did a good job. The last years have seen many developments in (the study of) territorial politics in Western Europe. In time, Wilfried plans to write an updated and strongly revised edition of this book.


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