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Politics and International Relations (PIR): News


Transfer Quotas for Students

New Politics And International Relations Transfer Arrangements in Place as of 2010-2011

As of 2010-2011, PIR will apply a QUOTA FOR ENTRY INTO HONOURS and hold a competitive annual application for places. 

PIR will allocate no more than 35 transfers per year. Transfers will only be considered for students who have completed their 2nd year at pre-honours level and who qualify under SSPS rules for entry to honours.

The following rules/procedures will govern the annual application process:

 ·       The quota will not be ‘split’ into pre-designated totals for Politics/IR. We will simply admit the 35 best candidates for whatever degree they apply for.

·       A transfer into a joint degree (such as Law and Politics from Law single honours) will be counted as ‘half’ a transfer.

·       Responsibility for reviewing and deciding on applications for transfer will rest with the PIR Director of Undergraduate Teaching (Dr Luke March) and the School’s Depute Director of Undergraduate Teaching (Dr Elizabeth Bomberg), in consultation (if necessary) with the Head of PIR (Dr Mark Aspinwall).

·       Applicants should complete a Degree Programme Request Form (available here), appending a personal statement of no more than 100 words detailing why a transfer will benefit their academic and personal goals.

·       Applications will be considered at a fixed point in the academic year. For 2010-1, the deadline for transfer applications is 2 MAY 2011.

·       Students will be notified as to whether their application has been successful within a period of 2 months (maximum) after the application deadline. All decisions on transfers will be considered final.


In considering transfer requests, we will take into account academic achievement at University and prior to entry, relevant special circumstances, fit with intended curricula, and the personal statement. For students who apply to transfer into Honours Politics – single or joint Honours - we will take into account whether or not the course ‘Scotland:  Society and Politics’ (which is highly recommended for those who seek to transfer) was taken during 2nd year and how the applicant performed in the course (except for degree programmes for which the prescribed 2nd year courses allow no flexibility to take this course).