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Politics and International Relations (PIR): News


PIR Staff Nominated in EUSA Teaching Awards 2011

12 members of PIR staff were nominated in various categories in the EUSA 2011 Teaching Awards

In addition to nominations for individual staff members, Politics IR was nominated for 'Best Department'.  From the EUSA report:

'The politics department deserves to win the "Best Department Award" because it makes an effort to bridge the gap between students, lecturers and researchers. For example, its "buddy" scheme makes student feel welcome and its IPIR cafés creates a relaxed atmosphere and meeting place for students. No other department shows this commitment toward student satisfaction.'


Meryl Kenny (Teaching Fellow)

Fiona Mackay (Senior Lecturer)

Andy Thompson (Senior Lecturer)

Andrew Lawrence (Lecturer)

Adham Saouli (Lecturer)

Chad Damro (Senior Lecturer)

David Howarth (Senior Lecturer)

Colin Fleming (Post Doctoral Fellow)

Wilfried Swenden (Senior Lecturer)

Tim Hayward (Professor of Political Theory)

Luke March (Senior Lecturer)

Elizabeth Bomberg (Senior Lecturer)

For information about the Awards Ceremony, see here.
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