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Politics and International Relations (PIR): News


Centre for Public Services Research/OS Group Seminar - 10 May

5.00 - 6.30 pm - The Conference Room, University of Edinburgh Business School

Martin Lodge
Professor of Political Science and Public Policy London School of Economics

'The Californication of Government? Crowd-Sourcing, Smart Mobs and Red-Tape Busting'

Much has been said about the potential transformative appeal of e-government initiatives in the relationship between government and citizen. This paper explores the major UK initiative to utilise 'crowd-sourcing' for regulatory reform initiatives, namely the 'Red Tape Challenge'. It explores the underlying motives, the administrative machinery and the political decision-making process underlying the Red Tape Challenge. Furthermore, it investigates the actual web-based commentary. In conclusion, the paper suggests that the Red Tape Challenge does not offer a major new departure in terms of using e-government tools for the informed discussion of regulation.

All welcome!