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Daniel Kenealy publishes papers on the release of Megrahi

The papers, in Regional & Federal Studies and Diplomacy & Statecraft, are the first academic work on one of the Scottish Government's most controversial decisions. They draw on a range of primary documents released by the UK and Scottish Governments.

The first paper analyses the implications of the decision for intergovernmental relations in a post-devolution UK. It argues that the current system is prone to break down and, particularly in the areas of foreign policy, need to be strengthened.

The second paper analyses the UK Government's diplomacy and the Scottish Government's para-diplomacy during the process. It explores how the UK Government prioritised narrow commercial interests and the broader goal of rehabilitating Libya over honouring its commitments to the Scottish Government. The UK Government were susceptible to bullying and intimidation tactics by the Libyan Government and, through their role as primary interlocutor in the international negotiations, attempted to steer the decision of the Scottish Government.

The first paper is available here <>.

The second paper is forthcoming in Diplomacy & Statecraft.

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