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How should we interpret women's scepticism about independence?

As a rational response to the lack of information, argues Professor Fiona Mackay.

In a provocative blog post Professor Fiona Mackay responds to an article in Holyrood magazine by the noted psephologist Professor John Curtice. In the article Professor Curtice puts the case that more men than women support independence because it appeals to men’s hunter-gatherer instincts.


Professor Mackay challenges this view, arguing that women’s reservation on the issue is a rational response, given the current lack of information on the practical implications of independence. As part of an attempt to enrich the information environment and to consider the political, economic and social implications of different constitutional options for a more gender equal society, Professor Mackay is part of the team behind the Constitutional Futures: Gender Equality Matters in a New Scotland forum.

The forum will bring together feminist academics, journalists, trade unionists and civil society groups with the aim of creating a space for dialogue through a series of public seminars and blog discussions.

Fiona's contribution is just one of many by our faculty to the ongoing debate about the future of Scotland. Over the coming months and years PIR faculty will actively contribute to one of the most fascinating political debates in the recent history of the UK. These developments, and our participation in them, makes Edinburgh PIR an even more exciting and innovative place to pursue the study of politics.

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