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Politics and International Relations (PIR): News


PIR Receives Multiple Nominations for Teaching Awards

Politics and International Relations staff and courses have been nominated for many EUSA Teaching Awards

Best Department:

Politics and International Relations


Best Research Supervisor Finalist:

Richard Freeman


Best Course Award Nominations:

Introduction to Politics and International Relations (First Year UG course)

Democracy in Comparative Perspective (First Year UG course)

International Cooperation in Europe and Beyond (Second Year UG course)

US Foreign Policy (UG Honours course)

Politics of the Middle East (UG Honours course)

Global Politics of Sex and Gender (UG Honours course)

Contemporary Russian Politics (UG Honours course)

Environmental Politics in Europe (UG Honours course)

Human Rights in International Relations (UG Honours course)

International Security (UG Honours course)

International Relations Theory (PG course)

War & Morality (PG course)

The Middle East in International Relations (PG course)

Comparative Territorial Politics (PG course)


Best Teaching Award Nominations:

Elizabeth Bomberg

Chad Damro

Claire Duncanson

David Howarth

Dominic Johnson 

Juliet Kaarbo

Luke March

Fiona Mackay

Andrew Neal

Vassilios Paipais

John Peterson

Valentyna Romanova

Adham Saouli

Andrew Thompson


Supporting Student Learning Award Nomination:

Ruth Nicol