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PIR Student Gets UN Internship

MSc International Relations student at UN Security Council Qiushi Yue is spending four months as an intern in the United Nations Security Council in New York.

Qiushi Yue, an MSc International Relations candidate, is currently at the UN Security Council for a two month internship. She sent the following message:

"Greetings from New York! I have safely arrived in the city and just completed my work of the first week. The Security Council was pretty busy last week and mainly dealt with situations in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Central African Republic, the International Tribunal of the former Yugoslavia, the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda and the Syrian crisis. It has been a very exciting experience and I learnt a lot during last week. My supervisor from the SC Secretariat has been very kind to me and also asked me to read a lot of materials and attend a number of SC meetings. I found what I have learnt from Edinburgh very useful, which has been of great help to my work here. My supervisors here like the draft papers that I have prepared."

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