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More success for PIR in teaching awards!

Ruth Nicol nominated by the Edinburgh University Students' Association (EUSA) for the Supporting Student Learning Award.

small_pic_-_ruthAs EUSA puts it: “A positive learning experience relies on constant support provided to students on a day-to-day basis from a range of University staff, from those who deal with everyday administration, and ensuring that students get all the information that they need to successfully learn, to those who provide technical assistance with computing or learning software; or those who point them in the right direction for help and support. Non-teaching staff can be important in supporting student learning.

Additionally, a number of departments and Schools organise peer support schemes where students help each other and support fellow students in their learning. This support structure can be very important in developing a learning community where students can access guidance, help and advice to bolster and develop their learning.

This Award recognises those students and staff who facilitate learning and provide the necessary support structure for teaching.”

Ruth joined Politics & International Relations in October 2011. Previously she was a Senior Secretary in the Undergraduate Teaching Office in SSPS.

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