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Politics and International Relations (PIR): News


Seán Molloy awarded a Royal Society of Edinburgh Research Workshop in Arts Humanities Award.

The award was granted for a project called 'The Indispensable Theory? The Theory and Practice of Realism from the Scottish Enlightenment to the Present'.

This project will see the University of Edinburgh host three workshops exploring various aspects of Realism in IR. The objective of this workshop is to bring together scholars and government officials to engage critically with perhaps the most central theory of International Relations, Realism. This objective is to be achieved within a number of contexts: the historical, the critical, the Scottish and the global. The participants also wish to map out possibilities for the development of Realism in the future. The project will also feature a website detailing the progress of the project and reports on its various activities, the website will incorporate webcasts and a blog reflecting on global events from a Realist perspective.

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