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New ESRC grant on "The Politics of Monitoring"

Project to cover climate change, defence, and immigration.

A team of political scientists and sociologists from the School of Social & Political Science have been awarded an ESRC grant for a project on "The Politics of Monitoring".


The project explores the techniques and practices used to track policy problems in three areas of UK policy: climate change, defence and immigration. The research will examine the factors which shaped monitoring practices, and in particular the growing emphasis on measuring performance through quantifiable targets. It will also explore what impact such monitoring practices have had on policymaking: has the introduction of indicators and targets distorted or even subverted the pursuit of policy goals in these three areas?

The project, led by PIR's Christina Boswell, involves a team of researchers from Science, Technology & Innovation Studies and PIR: Eugenia Rodrigues, Graham Spinardi, Steve Yearley and Colin Fleming. It is a three-year project funded by a £327,000 grant from ESRC.