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Funding granted for Leverhulme

University of Edinburgh to lead Leverhulme International Network on Continuity and Change in Indian Federalism

The University of Edinburgh has been successful in gaining funding for a Leverhulme International Network on Continuity and Change in Indian Federalism. The 113 K network will be coordinated by the Centre for South Asian Studies/India Institute at Edinburgh University. Dr Wilfried Swenden (Politics & IR and Principal Investigator) will work together with Professor Bates, Dr Gorringe and Professor Roger Jeffery as well as two UK partners: Professor Katharine Adeney (Director of the Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, University of Nottingham) and Dr. Andrew Wyatt (Senior Lecturer, University of Bristol). From the Indian side the network will  bring together Dr. Rekha Saxena (Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Delhi), Professor Harrihar Bhattacharyya (University of Burdwan, West Bengal) and Professor K.C Suri (University of Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh) and a team of post-doctoral and junior researchers.

The network will be devoted to a set of research activities and seminars to understand the impact of two key phenomena on the dynamics of centre-state relations in India: (1) the fragmentation of the Indian party system and the consolidation of broad based coalition governments at the centre; and (2) the transformation of the Indian economy from a command to a more liberalized demand economy. More in particular, the network activities aim to understand what these changes have meant for the pattern of intergovernmental relations, the management of ethnic and plurinational conflict and the management of inter-state economic disparities. As India faces up to a likely change in the composition of its central government after the April/May 2014 general elections, the network members will be ideally placed to assess the effect of party change at the centre on the practice of centre-state relations in India in the years to come.