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John Peterson Featured In Foreign Office Report

'Europe & America: What Next?'

A contribution by PIR colleague John Peterson to a Foreign Policy Centre (http://fpc.org.uk/) publication on ‘Europe in the World’ (http://fpc.org.uk/fsblob/1535.pdf) features prominently in the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s ‘Review of the Balance of Competences between the UK and EU’ on foreign policy (http://fpc.org.uk/fsblob/1535.pdf). Niklas Helwig, a PIR PhD student, was also cited in the report. 


John’s piece ‘Europe and America:  What Next?’ is cited repeatedly in the report in support of its overall conclusion that:

‘[it is] strongly in the UK’s interests to work through the EU in a number of policy areas. The key benefits included:

increased impact from acting in concert with 27 other countries;

greater influence with non-EU powers, derived from our position as a leading EU country;

the international weight of the EU’s single market, including its power to deliver commercially beneficial trade agreements;

the reach and magnitude of EU financial instruments, such as for development and economic partnerships;

the range and versatility of the EU’s tools, as compared with other international organisations; and

the EU’s perceived political neutrality, which enables it to act in some cases where other countries or international organisations might not’ (p.6).


John’s work on US-European relations is funded through TRANSWORLD (http://www.transworld-fp7.eu/).  It will culminate with – amongst other publications - ‘Europe and America:  Partners and Rivals in International Relations’, published by Rowman and Littlefield in 2014 (https://rowman.com/ISBN/9780742510722).