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Leverhulme Fellowship Success

Yaniv Voller has been offered a Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship

Yaniv Voller has been offered a Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship, anticipated to start on 01 November 2013. Yaniv will be based in Politics and International Relations with Ewan Stein as his mentor.


Proposal title - Dialogues with Arabism: Non-Arab Liberation Movements in the Arab World

Abstract: The Arab Middle East has been home to various non-Arab self-determination and national-liberation movements, most notably the Kurdish movement in Iraq, the Saharawi movement in the Moroccan occupied-Western Sahara, and the South Sudanese liberation movement. Most studies on these movements focus on their conflict with their governments. However, this research argues that interaction between these movements and their governments has been far more complex. Through their interaction with Arabism, the prevalent ideology in most Arab states, itself containing significant anti-colonial elements, these movements embraced ideas about liberation, justice andlegitimacy. These ideas also shaped their identity and strategies.