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New book on Climate Change

PIR's Liz Cripps publishes Climate Change and the Moral Agent with Oxford University Press

Climate Change and the Moral Agent: Individual Duties in an Interdependent World, by PIR's Elizabeth Cripps, is now available from Oxford University Press.


The book makes the moral case for global level, collective action on climate change. It defends positive duties grounded in moralized collective self-interest and a collectivized principle of beneficence, and a negative duty grounded in weak collective responsibility for harm. It argues, too, that we need collective action if we are to be able to live with ourselves as individual moral agents.

Cripps_book_coverThe product of a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship, Climate Change and the Moral Agent also assesses what we should do, as individuals, in the absence of effective collective action. It argues that our primary focus should be on promoting such action, supplemented by providing direct aid to victims. The kinds of individual, emissions-cutting actions conventionally dubbed 'green' can be a necessary part of this, but are by no means all that can be expected of us, and should not take priority over bringing about collective-level change.

For more information please follow this link to the OUP website.