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PIR lecturer comments on Syria crisis

Daniel Kenealy and former PIR lecturer Seán Molloy comment in The Scotsman

Daniel Kenealy, Lecturer and Deputy Director at the Academy of Government - along with Seán Molloy, formerly of PIR, and now a Reader at the University of Kent - penned a comment piece in The Scotsman.

Kenealy and Molloy, both realists, argued that punishment cannot solve the Syrian crisis and that saving face is not a valid or ethical foreign policy.

They argue: "the US President has rhetorically entrapped himself by references to red lines and has allowed expectations to get ahead of his preferences. But firing a few missiles in a tokenistic gesture designed to restore US credibility, and/or symbolically punish the Syrian regime, is not an ethical foreign policy. Far from it, it is a muddled reaction to events to give the appearance of command, but which has had precisely the opposite effect. A dose of realist prudence is sorely needed."

The piece is available here.