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PIR Professor on BBC Scotland

John Peterson comments on UK-EU relations and US politics for "Good Morning Scotland"

John Peterson, Professor of International Politics at the University of Edinburgh, has appeared twice on "Good Morning Scotland" to provide commentary on David Cameron’s speech on the future of the UK’s European Union membership and Barack Obama’s 2nd term as US President.

JP and Barroso

Professor Peterson is pictured with European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso. Professor Peterson is presently conducting research on US-European relations, the EU and multilateralism, and EU trade policy.


On Saturday 18th January, John discussed the drift towards Euroscepticism in the UK Conservative Party, expressions of concern from Washington, and David Cameron’s need to give a speech that will inevitably offend key figures whose support he needs. On Monday 21st January, John appeared (together with Chris Carman of the University of Glasgow) to field questions on the prospects for Barack Obama following his re-election in 2012 and inauguration ceremony on the day of the broadcast.

John's comments are available through the following links.

(Sat, 18th Jan) John comments on UK-EU relations from approximately 1 hour 12 minutes.

(Mon, 21st Jan) John comments on Obama's second term and inauguration from approximately 2 hours 40 minutes.