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Rt. Hon. Roy Hattersley gives lecture

John P. Mackintosh Memorial Lecture given by the Rt. Hon. Roy Hattersley

The John P. Mackintosh Memorial Lecture "What are MPs For?" will be given by the Rt. Hon. Roy Hattersley on Thursday 3rd October 2013, 17.30-18.30, in the Playfair Library Hall, Old College.

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What Are MPs For?

Once upon a time “Private Members” were expected to “hold ministers to account” and “refuse supply” (reject tax increases) to finance government projects of which they disapproved. Most MPs believed, with Edmund Burke, that they owed their constituents “not their industry only, but also their judgement” and that they betrayed their trust if they merely acted as delegates, reflecting opinions which did not hold. Those lofty definitions of the back-benchers’ role are now regarded as out-dated. So what are MPs for?