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BISA@40 workshop funded

"Beyond the Gatekeeper state? IR perspectives on African states in the 21st century" a workshop organised by Sara Dorman and the BISA-Africa working group will run in June 2015 as part of the BISA's 40th anniversary conference in London

Funded by BISA's research committee, the workshop brings together scholars to explore if the concept of ‘gatekeeper states’ – i.e. states where politics and economics remain focused about the logic of ‘extraversion’  – remains salient in today’s African state system. It aims to initiate the production of analytical frameworks for exploring current transformations in African states and state system, and their position within the wider international system. Through drawing together a range of empirical studies and theoretical approaches, by both senior and junior scholars we seek to stimulate debate and learning between IR scholars to discuss the implications of recent changes to state forms and resource flows for our understanding of states and state systems in Africa. 

Edinburgh Students