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Out in paperback now!

PIR's Jana Honke has a new book

Out in paperback now: Hönke, Jana. Transnational Companies and Security Governance. Hybrid Practices in a Postcolonial World, London: Routledge.

This book examines non-state governance in areas of limited statehood by looking at the security practices of multinational companies. It investigates the everyday security practices of mining companies in Subsaharan Africa to illustrate a much broader and highly relevant phenomenon: hybrid transnational security governance. Such hybridity and its ambiguous effects characterise external security practices in many other arenas of intervention in our postcolonial world.

Content: 1. Introduction 2. Understanding Hybrid Security Governance 3. Transnationalized Business Spaces in a Postcolonial World 4. Multinational Companies and Hybrid Security Practices Post-1995 5. Hybrid Liberal Governance: Post-1995 Transnational Meaning Systems 6. Historical Context Matters: Companies and Security Governance, 1890 – 1920s 7. Conclusion

See also the review in African Affairs.


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