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PIR staff appointed to the Board of Democratic Audit UK

Oliver Escobar appointed to the Board of Trustees of Democratic Audit UK.

Democratic Audit is an independent research unit based at the Public Policy Group in the LSE’s Government Department and co-directed by Professor Patrick Dunleavy and Dr Jonathan Hopkin. Its objective is to advance democracy and freedom, and to undertake and promote research into their quality, durability and effectiveness in a UK context.

DA is grant funded by the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust to conduct research into the quality of democracy. It also monitors democracy and freedom in Britain through a major daily blog, a series of democracy assessments, reports and commissions, and through evidence to Parliament and official bodies.

The fourth Audit of UK democracy was published in July 2012. It provides a comprehensive account of recent democratic trends in the UK and comparisons with other democracies around the world. The Democratic Audit blog features contributions from high level academics, campaigners and experts on all elements of British democracy and human rights.

DA also seeks to contribute to refreshing and renewing the well-springs of local democratic debate, working with citizen groups to improve the information that is easily digitally available to all UK citizens about elections, political life and democracy in their own local area.

Dr. Oliver Escobar (Politics & IR, University of Edinburgh) has been appointed to the DA's Board of Trustees from November 2014.

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