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4th edn of The EU: How Does it Work? has been published by OUP

This time with Dan Kenealy as lead editor, and John Peterson co-authoring

The European Union- How does it work?
ISBN 9780199685370 | Paperback | 312 pages
May 2015 | £26.99

Edited by Daniel Kenealy, Deputy Director of the Academy of Government, The University of Edinburgh, John Peterson, Professor of International Politics, The University of Edinburgh, and Richard Corbett, Member of the European Parliament, former advisor on institutional issues to the President of the European Council.
• Sets out the latest thinking on the ongoing
debate about the UK’s future in the EU
• Expanded coverage of theories of European
integration and policy making
• Greater emphasis on the global context in
which the EU exists, including the EU’s
response to events such as the Arab Spring,
the rise of emerging powers, and the US ‘Asian
New to this edition
The European Union: How does it work? is a perfect introduction to the EU’s structure and operations for those studying it for the first time. An expert team of scholars and practitioners cut through the complexity to explain how the EU works in
practice, and equip students with the knowledge and skills they need to study EU politics.

Extended coverage of the post-2009 Eurozone crisis, what this says about the nature of EU governance, and what it means for the EU’s status and image globally.

“The European Union: how does it work? once again provides an excellent introduction to European integration for students and other interested readers alike. The individual contributions are written in highly accessible style, providing a vivid image of thedevelopment and functioning of the European Union. Most importantly, the new edition is arguably the most up-to-date textbook of its kind with regard to the speedy developments that have left their mark on the EU over the last two to three years.” – Dr Maximilian Conrad, University of Iceland.