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Edinburgh PIR Professor Wins ESRC Impact Prize

Charlie Jeffery, Professor of Politics at the University of Edinburgh and Senior Vice Principal of the university, has won the ESRCs Impact Champion Prize 2015.

The ESRC noted Professor Jeffery’s “long term commitment over successive research initiatives to maximising impact importunities for his own research and that of colleagues and collaborators”, describing him as “a model of leadership in the social sciences”.  The award cited his role as coordinator of the Future of the UK and Scotland programme, and his role in the Edinburgh PIR referendum MOOC.

"The key is to remember that impact is not an add-on to research, but central to what we as researchers do," Professor Jeffery points out. "Doing impact well depends on accumulating a stock of academic expertise and then carefully and tactfully building the goodwill and trust of the potential users of that research. Using the possibilities offered by digital communications, it's possible for social sciences now to have an impact on a much wider front and engaging more ordinary citizens than has ever been possible in the past."