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PhD Student Wins Best Tutor Award

Alex Latham won Outstanding PIR Tutor Award 2014/15 for tutoring on Democracy and its Discontents.

Congratulations to excellent teaching! The Outstanding PIR Tutor Award recognizes leadership, commitment, and overall excellence of our current doctoral students for their tutoring in PIR undergraduate courses.

Students on the course wrote:

“Alex brought an enthusiasm and level of understanding unrivalled by other tutors in my time at Edinburgh. He guided the discussions well without dominating them, and generally helped facilitate a productive and insightful debate within the tutorials. He was happy to clear up any misunderstandings that students might have had, meaning that almost everyone in the class seemed comfortable to speak. Alex’s help and accessible grounding of what were quite difficult theoretical concepts undoubtedly enhanced my experience, and that of fellow students."

"For the course I had received a relatively poor essay mark, through my own misunderstanding of the essay question, and after receiving this I immediately wrote Alex to ask if we could discuss it further. He was happy to make time to explain where I had gone wrong, and to point out ways in which I could improve my mark in the final exam (which I managed to do). His constructive criticism of my essay and the way I had approached it helped greatly in my writing and planning in future."

"On a number of other occasions myself and others in the class had been somewhat thrown by either the language or content of the readings assignments set, but Alex took time in the class to very simply lay these out in terms far clearer than those in the literature. This was an enormous help in getting to grips with the concepts at hand and in preparing for the exam. The breadth of knowledge and ability to translate this into terms far more understandable is a great skill and one that deserves recognition."

We are absolutely delighted to recognize this commitment and skill in tutoring our undergraduate students, and Alex was presented with a certificate & prize at our Honours Boards of Examiners on Thursday 4 June 2015.