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PIR Graduations 1 July 2015

Congratulations to all PIR students graduating this week. Interested to see where some of our graduates are heading next year? Heres a selection of their destinations and how the PIR curriculum helped them get there.

Florrie Black, MA  International Relations

UK Civil Service Fast Stream, London

"Throughout my four years studying at Edinburgh I learned a wide range of transferable skills which helped me to secure this position. This was through both the academic curriculum and the extra-curricular activities which I took part in."

Jonathan Byrne, MA Politics

Associate at Price Waterhouse Coopers CI (Assurance and Advisory Graduate Program)

"The PIR curriculum allowed me to explore a variety of different fields and subject areas to clarify what I wanted and the skills and qualifications to achieve it."

Ellen Houston, MA International Relations

Internship at the United Nations World Health Organisation, Geneva, Switzerland

"Being selected by PIR to do Erasmus exchange at Sciences Po Paris University was a very important opportunity for me - my ambitions, abilities and networks expanded greatly during this period. On return, the PIR 4th year curriculum allowed me to focus on my main regional interest - Africa. 'Africa in World Politics' has made me advocate for bottom up approaches to development - finally leading to choosing a work opportunity focused on community engagement at the WHO HQ."

Calum Macdonald, MA Politics

Journalist at BBC

"PIR curriculum was topical, informative. Plus extra curricular activities in leading award winning News Team on student radio station, Fresh Air."

Joe Gayeski, MA International Relations

Resident in Social Enterprise (RISE) Fellow, New Sector Alliance, Boston, MA, USA

"The PIR curriculum has not only equipped me with a working knowledge of global systems and their impact on local communities, but has also as left me with methodological insight transferrable to the third sector"

Rebecka Snefugelli Sondell, MA Politics

Internship at the International Barents Secretariat, Kirkenes, Norway

"During my year abroad I had the opportunity to do a course in Arctic governance, which gave me a good background for the internship."

Megan McCafferty MA International Relations

Marketing graduate position at bloxx uk 

"The chance to spend a year abroad gave me opportunities which made my cv stand out!"

Douglas Taylor, MA Politics

Analyst, Ernst and Young, Edinburgh

"Studying Politics at Edinburgh has hugely increased my ability to think critically about a topic, whilst the sporting opportunities that the University provides has contributed greatly to my overall personal development."

Marko Supronyuk, MA International Relations & Law

Finance Analyst at Deloitte Consulting, London

"Consulting companies look for people who can think critically about problems and work with others to find solutions. PIR courses trained me to assess issues from a variety of perspectives, and the PIR journal Leviathan became an invaluable exercise in teamwork."

Emily Yarrington, MA International Relations & Law

Edinburgh, Penmex (technically self-employed), Independent Sales Advisor. I plan to be running my own company in Barcelona, Spain by next year

"The PIR curriculum developed my soft skills and challenged me to evaluate things critically whilst maintaining a big picture view. It has led to invaluable skills and I'm very grateful. "

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