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PIR Students Attend UN Climate Conference

Two students from the School of Social and Political Science, Apurv Gupta and Iman Yashruti, were invited to attend the monumental United Nations Climate Conference in Paris, France

Organised by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the twenty-first Conference of the Parties (COP21) successfully adopt a binding international agreement on climate change; the first ever legal commitment that aims to keep global warming below 2 degree Celsius.

Focused on Private Sector engagement at the climate conference, Apurv Gupta, IR and Law student remarks, “The private sector plays a key role in curbing global emissions and mitigating the effects of climate change. Their participation at the conference was strong and helped shape the discourse of carbon pricing; a hurdle highlighted by all 150 world leaders on the first day of the COP. Multilateral financial institutions such as the World Bank are increasingly building public-private partnerships to encourage investment towards carbon mitigation activities.”

“Attending the COP21 gave incredible insight into the realities of International Relations. After following the negotiations, I can say that the finalized Paris deal is an impressive feat. I am excited to watch countries begin their climate-change combatting initiatives, set out in the INDCs. The COP is testament to the fact that incredible things can happen when countries unite and move forward together,” remarks Iman Yashruti, fourth year International Relations student at Edinburgh.

The final agreement requires all countries to meet every five years after 2020 with updated plans to further tighten carbon emissions. The Paris Agreement legally binds countries to monitor and report their emissions levels and reductions, using a universal accounting system.

“Edinburgh has enriched us academically and one can truly realise the quality of this education when we are able to understand and follow such complex negotiations that truly shape our world” says Apurv Gupta.

Apurv & Iman in Paris