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New Book: The territorial Conservative Party Devolution and party change in Scotland and Wales

Alan Covery's new book explores how the Scottish and Welsh Conservative Parties dealt with devolution. They both campaigned against it, so how did they cope when they had to join the new Welsh Assembly and Scottish Parliament?

How did the territorial Conservative Party adapt to devolution? convery book cover

This detailed analysis of the Scottish and Welsh Conservative Parties explains how they moved from campaigning against devolution to sitting in the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly. Tracing the processes of party change in both parties this study explains why the Welsh Conservatives unexpectedly embraced devolution while the Scottish Conservatives took much longer to a

ccept that Westminster was no longer the priority. 

This book will be of interest to students of British, Scottish and Welsh politics and anyone who is interested in the Conservative Party. It also speaks to wider debates about the nature of devolution, party change and multi-level governance.

Freshers 2013