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Bomberg inaugural: Trump and Climate Change - How Bad Can It Get?

One word answer: very. Longer answer: very, buuuuut...

Elizabeth Bomberg delivered a stirring inaugural lecture on 7 June to a packed house of colleagues, students, and most importantly her extended family and community choir group. Displaying the wit, charm, and intellectual mastery for which she has won so many teaching awards, Bomberg gamely tackled a crisis unfolding in real-time - the environmental implications of Donald Trump's early presidency. In addition to assessing the ways in which Trump could do lasting damage to the earth, Bomberg also gave reason for hope, charting several countervailing forces that might mitigate Trump's policies from below and from beyond the federal level of governance. You can find live-tweets of Bomberg's tour de force here and here, and photos below. Hearty congratulations to Elizabeth Bomberg and her entire clan!

Bomberg inaugural 1

Prof Elizabeth Bomberg cuts to the heart of the matter early in her inaugural lecture.

Bomberg inaugural 2

Sources tell us that by the end of the lecture, Prof Bomberg was enjoying herself so much that she nearly dabbed, as shown below.

Edinburh Students