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Cakes and Catastrophe

A series of PIR roundtables on the possible end of the world as we know it


The political earthquakes of the Brexit result and the victory of Donald Trump in the US Presidential election shocked pundits, political scientists, and voting publics alike. Difficult times lie ahead for the UK, which faces crucial dilemmas about political unions inside and out, trade, immigration, and security. Meanwhile, barely a month into the Trump presidency, both the White House and US democracy appear to be in crisis. This is not politics as usual, and these are no ordinary times.

Is this the end of the world as we know it? How should we make sense of it? And what can we do about it? Join us to consider these questions and more in a series of Politics and International Relations roundtables evaluating the implications of current events for global politics. As a community of active scholars, dynamic undergraduate and postgraduate cohorts, and national and world citizens, we confront such extraordinary times both as students of politics and participants in politics. The discussions will reflect this by addressing political outcomes as well as their ramifications for scholarship and citizenship.

The roundtable series is open to all PIR and SPS UG and PG students, postdocs and staff. However, space is limited, so please RSVP using the links provided (there is no limit on the number of roundtables that you can attend). Cakes and light refreshments will be provided. Come for the catastrophe, stay for the cakes!

2 March – Still a United Kingdom?

Confirmed speakers:

James Mitchell

Alan Convery

4-5pm, 16-20 George Square, G.02 (access at 19 George Sq.)

Please see PIR events page for RSVP

16 March - Foreign policy after Brexit and Trump

Confirmed speakers:

John Peterson

Julie Kaarbo

Oliver Turner

4-5pm, location tbd

Please see PIR events page for RSVP

22 March – International law and new ways of war

Confirmed speakers:

Claire Duncanson

Andrea Birdsall

Nicola Perugini

4-5pm, location tbd

Please see PIR events page for RSVP

28 March – Financial markets and expertise in the era of alternative facts

Confirmed speakers:

Iain Hardie

Christina Boswell, FRSE

Charlotte Rommerskirchen

4-5pm, Appleton Tower, LT2

Please see PIR events page for RSVP

6 April – Citizenship and movement under the shadow of populism

Confirmed speakers:

Oliver Escobar

Pontus Odmalm

Meryl Kenny

4-5pm, 16-20 George Sq., Rm. G.02 (access at 19 G Sq)

Please see PIR events page for RSVP

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